How to Make Cake-Shaping Strips

How to Use Cake-Shaping Strips

Make Cake-Shaping Strips
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- 3 or 4 wooden unvarnished sushi mats
- Wood cutters
- Heavy-duty, non-stick aluminum foil

1. Orient the sushi mats such that the strings are horizontal. Using wood cutters, make one horizontal cut about three inches from the bottom of the mat and another about three inches from the top. See the dashed red lines in the picture to the left. The bottom and top segment each include two strings connecting the dowels together. Throw away the middle section.

2. Place all of your sushi-mat segments side-by-side. Determine how long you would like your cake-shaping strip to be by adding or subtracting additional sushi-mat segments. Tear off a piece of the aluminum foil approximately two inches longer than your cake-shaping strip.

3. Place the aluminum foil on a large surface. Position the sushi mats side-by-side on the foil, such that there are approximately one-inch margins along the bottom, left and right sides.

4. Fold the right and left foil margins over the sushi-mat segments. Fold the bottom foil margin over the sushi mat segments. Press these foil flaps down firmly.

5. Crease the foil tightly along the top of the segments and fold the foil over the segments. Press it down firmly, turn the mats upside-down, and repeat that process.

6. Roll the strip into a coil. This will help the foil form to the underlying mats. Roll the strip in the opposite direction.

Use Cake-Shaping Strips
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- Cookie sheet
- Cake-shaping strip
- Heavy-duty, non-stick aluminum foil
- Paper clips
- Cake batter

1. Place one or more large sheets of aluminum foil on the cookie sheet.

2. Form the cake-shaping strip into a closed shape on the foil. The strip will act like walls of a cake pan. In order to "close" the shape, you can connect the ends either by pinching the foil at the top of the strips together.

3. Fold the bottom sheet of foil up and around your strips. This is to ensure the batter does not leak through. Tear the foil or add extra strips as need to wrap around the strip. Press extra foil into any areas where you think the bottom foil did not fully wrap around the bottom of the strip.

4. Lightly spray your new "pan" with cooking spray. Pour the batter inside your pan. Bake until the cake is done.

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5. Use a knife to slightly separated the cake edges from the strip. Separates the two strip ends that were previously connected in Step #2, and gently separate the strip from the cake.


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