Traditionally, if you wanted to make a specially shaped cake, your best bet was to either buy a custom cake pan or cut a larger cake. However, custom cake pans are expensive and space-consuming, and cutting a larger cake is a messy process that can lead to irreversible mistakes. Click on the links below to learn about two new, inexpensive options.


Cake-Shaping Strips
Cake-shaping strips are made using sushi mats and aluminum foil. Bend them in whatever shape you want, and they will act as walls of your new "cake pan". After baking, the strips easily separate from the cake. We also some stencils to help you in positioning the strips.


Cake-Shaping Clay
Cake-shaping clay is made from mixing standard ingredients (primarily shortening and powdered sugar). Form the clay to form contours of your own cake pan. You can add a new dimension to standard cakes!


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