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Years ago, I realized that cake baking was limited by the variety of pans owned by the baker. So I set out to find ways to allow the home chefs to express themselves creatively. The goal was to make it fun to bake a personalized cake and to bring friends and families together to help with the process. After experimenting with many cakes, the cake-shaping strips and cake-shaping clay seemed to be just the solutions. The home chef could easily and cheaply make either the strips or clay, and then the product could be used to make a fun, custom-shaped cake.

While decorating all of these cakes, I also began to believe that cake decorating had not reached its full potential. Frostings and icings limit the chef's creativity to two dimensional decorations while the use of fondant is a challenge and typically reserved for the seasoned professional. The decorating clay was developed as an easy-to-use alternative that anyone can use and enjoy. Anyone from children to pasty chefs can enjoy sculpting the clay and will be pleased to see their masterpieces displayed on desserts.

After all of this, I went back to school and time now escapes me, but I wanted to share my cake-baking ideas with all of you! I invite everyone to make and use the products described on this page, so long as the products (or product components or instructions) are not being sold for profits. (Cakes that were made using one or more of these products can be sold.) If I receive positive feedback from the users, I will see if I can find someone to manufacture the products, so that you don't need to make them yourself.

Please send me your comments. I love hearing from you and seeing the cakes and decorations that you made! Happy baking!

Kate Gaudry

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A number of processes and products on this website are patent pending. You may use the processes and make the products so long as you are not directly or indirectly benefiting from the financial sale or offering for sale of: (1) the patent-pending products themselves or (2) another product promoting the use or sale of the patent-pending products or processes. You may use the products and processes described on this site to make desserts or other food items sold for profit. Please contact us with any further questions.